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Valerie Holland Hughes

Professional Organizer


We thought we were hopeless. The Clutterfly promised us we had hope. We were DEEPLY shaming ourselves. The Clutterfly encouraged us & never shamed us. She taught us some new ways of doing things. With her no shame policy we quickly came to trust her. Trust was key. This wonderful Clutterfly showed us different ways to think about stuff & the real estate it occupied & a new way to see stuff. My own behaviour proved to me that I was clutterblind. I had become so comfortable surrounded by piles & walls of stuff that it became a collective fixture for me, barely noticeable. I (falsely) felt safe in my clutter castle.

The dust & infestations which this environment harboured were making us sick physically, depressing us & impaired our ability to work out ideas & project plans.

With the Clutterfly's influence, we began learning to let go of stuff. Age old Christmas cards did not equal the special people they reminded us of. It felt painful at first, but letting go of stuff began to make room & time for people. We could stop missing our grandchildren grow up! We could let a service technician in without feeling mortified at the squalled conditions. The Clutterfly was right; we really did have a choice in how we lived.

In huge but manageable doses, we cleared away a mountain of garbage. Next we were able to start grouping like items together. Hope enabled us to start. After that, each advance we made fuelled more hope. The hope snowball!

Life happened & I made an unfortunate choice to stop. This lost our momentum & stopped this good thing while in full steam; before Clutterfly could fulfill her dream for us.

We partly relapsed but got back on track. We are still making progress with the tools she taught us to use, just slower than with her hands-on help. I recommend staying with her to the project's competition. Order is freedom.

In my OCD I think this testimony is not good enough. I choose to put it out there anyway, & we will be back from time to time with shorter & more "together" testimonials.

If some readers can relate to our experience, we surely would love to read your stories. We will give each other hope, strength & support.

David Sain, December 2016

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