- When "STUFF" happens, we know what to do!
Everyone is busy today.  But you can benefit from organization.  Chronically disorganization is no longer a problem.Everyone knows what it feels like to be so busy that our home environment gets out of control.  Papers, collectibles, clothing and other stuff can sometimes overwhelm us.  We will help you "manage stuff".  That's what Professional Organizers do, and we love it! Organizing your home is fun and rewarding. Professional Organizers are here to help you manage your stuff.  We are organizational and home management professionals who truly understand how important your things are, and can help you put them in order, with sensitivity and care.  We can help you live a clutter free life.  We are a network of Professional Organizers, who serve the nation and are sensitive to the importance of "stuff" and care. 

Home organization is important even for those who are overwhelmed by too much stuff! Professional Organizers can help improve your quality of life. We can show you how to declutter and how to organize your life.

Having an organized, clutter-free home makes life:
  • Easier
  • Faster
  • More comfortable
  • More fun for entertaining
  • Healthier
  • And safer!

DR Before and After. Organizing your home can yield surprising and beautiful results.
Together, we can create the home environment that you've always dreamed of! 


"Wonder Woman Superhero!:
Valerie is a woman on a mission to rescue those in need of a helping hand. She gives power to everyone she comes in contact with by freeing them of the mess in their lives. I've seen her hard at work taking a sad squalid situation and transform it into an immaculate joyful bliss. Amazing!"
Jeff, Owner,

"I have always considered myself an organized person living in a rather uncluttered environment. After the eye-opening experience of watching Professional Organizer Valerie Hughes work her de-cluttering magic on the home of a relative, I realize how much I didn’t know! With warmth, humor, efficiency, and strength, Valerie listens carefully to the wants and observes the needs of her clients, determines and explains her game plan, and carries it out with their participation. Applying equal measures of enthusiasm and energy, she teaches her clients the core principles of organization such that they can maintain uncluttered environments after she leaves. To paraphrase the popular mantra concerning fishing, in showing a client the way out of disorganization, she provides the lessons to sustain a de-cluttered environment for a lifetime. This experience has caused me to evaluate the content in my rooms, closets, drawers, cabinets, shelves, and files and think twice before I put more “stuff” into them. The Valerie-inspired improvements are astounding!"
BLD December 2011

LR Before and After. Simple organizing tips can make a huge difference in how you see your
"If I could have done the work alone, I would have done it. Had I only called, the beast would've been tamed years ago.  I could've been free a long time ago.  I'm feeling that I'm taking 100 coats off."
K. White, Tennessee

Kinza BR Before and After. Hoarding is a real condition of the mind.
You don't have to be disorganized.

Let one of our Professional Organizers help you manage stuff.
Let us help show you how to declutter your home.
To request a free estimate, contact us today!


We are Professional Organizers, based in Knoxville, TN, able to help if you have "too much stuff!" no matter where you live or what your lifestyle! Decluttering works!

Liz BR Before 3 ."I'm making progress every day -- thanks to ☛YOU!!! Keep on making a difference in people's lives & their homes! You have quite an amazing gift, Valerie! Truly!"
Cathy B., East TN

Professional Organizer TN
Professional Organizers Knoxville
Specializing in Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding

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